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Childhood sexual abuse. It’s not easy to say or even think about. Imagine how it must be to live with. For those who face that reality, there comes a time when suppression of the pain no longer can spell the demons haunting from within. There is no cure for childhood sexual abuse, however, with our help, the effect of the trauma can be diminished.

At Las Familias, it is our mission to facilitate the healing process of children and adults who experienced childhood sexual abuse. We provide a safe place for survivors to gain strength, learn coping skills, and develop trusting, caring relationships.

Central to the philosophy of Las Familias is the recognition that sexual abuse treatment is an issue not just for the survivor, but for the entire family. This practice promotes healing, strength, and trust, the essential elements of a new beginning.

Since 1983 Las Familias has been providing treatment to those special members of our community, and remains the only agency in Pima County that specializes exclusively in the treatment of childhood sexual abuse. For more than 20 years, our programs have focused on long-term treatments in place of short-term solutions. As a Member of Arizona's Children Association Family of Agencies, Las Familias can continue its mission on into the future.

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